Published by Misasa Medical Center, Okayama University Medical School
Published by Misasa Medical Center, Okayama University Medical School

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岡大三朝分院研究報告 (63号-72号) 環境病態研報告 (57号-62号)
岡山大学温泉研究所報告 (5号-56号) 放射能泉研究所報告 (1号-4号)

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リウマチ様関節炎の治療に関する研究 第三編 リウマチ様関節炎に対する膝関節前方関節嚢滑膜切除術の経験

Izumi, Tomokuni
Capsulosynovectomia genu anterior totalis was performed on five cases had marked hydrops and capsular thickening of joints, in which intraarticular injection of hydrocortisone or prednisolone, balneotherapy and hydrotherapy had been repeated in vain for long period with long standing pain and gradual decrease in motor function. The progress was observed for six to seventeen months after the operation, obtaining following results. Rheumatic symptoms were significantly improved after operation and restortion of function was also valuable. No exacerbations in the other joints and general condition were noted with rather improvement in the sign. Further, these operated joints became to react better, differ from preoperative, to balneotherapy and "Fango" with noticeable effects on the restoration of articular function. In histological findings of the resected synovia four cases showed Rs. and one Fr. by T. Kodama's classification. It is, therefore, recommended to appreciate this kind of operation on the cases shown no effects in the treatment of adrenocortical hormone or hot spring bath, which led to the decrease in gait ability, on the standpoint of medical rehabilitation.