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Reduction of Engine Exhaust Noise by Throttling in an Exhaust Manifold

Nishiwaki Kazuie
Shimamoto Yuzuru
This paper covers the work done in an attempt to reduce exhaust noise level without the decay of brake mean effective pressure of a two-cylinder two-stroke cycle engine, by means of an exhaust manifold having a throttle plate in its junction. The data are shown for various dimensions and configurations of the manifold and the discussion is given on the effect of exhaust throttling on exhaust noise level and engine performance. The principal results obtained by this study are as follows: (1) The lower limit of the throttle area was about onethird of a cross-sectional area of the manifold from the view point of brake mean effective pressure. (2) Within this limit brake mean effective pressure was scarcely influenced by throttling under the condition where a number of pressure oscillation related to the pulsation effect during an interval between discharges was less than 1.7. (3) A reduction in exhaust noise level attained was 8 dB(A) at higher engine speeds. (4) The junction angle of the manifold gave little significance to exhaust noise level and brake mean effective pressure.