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Analysis of Warren's Fluidic Counter

Wada Tsutomu
Shimizu Akira
Though the Warren's fluidic counter has a very simple construction, the matching problems of the main jet supply pressure with the input pulse may take place and so there may be some working conditions under which this counter cannot work. Up to now, these matching problem have been hardly investigated. In this study the following things were systematically investigated : the static and dynamic characteristics of the memory and the control flip-flops with different geometric parameters, the behavior of the counter which are constructed by two of them, and finally the fow in the counter. The obtained results are as follows : (1) Under some clear and accurate conditions, the Warren's counter works satisfactory without any au iliary circuit. (2) In the control part, the input pulse flow don't reattach on any side wall, but branches into both output ports. (3) The necessary condition under which the Warren's counter behaves successfully is as follows : (1-2α)Q(i)>Q(ms), where α is the distribution factor of the control part, is the input pulse flow rate and is the switching control flow rate of the memory part.