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Optimal Digital Control Systems Design for Handling Machines using dsPIC

Akiyoshi, Tatsuro
Konishi, Masami
This paper presents a method of the controller design for the handling machine by using dsPIC(Digital Signal Processor + Peripheral Interface Controller). Recently, many manufacturing robots are operated in manufacturing facilities, with the aim of labor, cost saving, and improvement of the productivity. Such robots need to have positioning performance of high precision and simultaneously to save cost. In this paper, a digital optimal servo controller is designed, and it is implemented into our barebones controller which involves dsPIC. We have designed and manufactured the controller which is added suitable peripherals to improve the consistency between the mechanical machine operating in continuous time and controller in discrete time. The significance of this research is that digital implementation of the embedded system which has performance-limitation has ensured a comparable result, against the one with PC which has broad utility. When it is used as a controller, it is possible to restrain product prices greatly equivalent PC precision. We demonstrate potential that good control can be achieved even with low cost. Our research has lead to the viability of lower cost and higher performance system for the production process at factories.