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Structure, Morphology and Color Tone Properties of the Neodymium Substituted Hematite

Tarequl Islam Bhuiyan
Nakanishi, Makoto Kaken ID publons
Fujii, Tatsuo Kaken ID
Co-precipitation method has been employed to fabricate neodymium substituted hematite with different compositions from the aqueous solution of their corresponding metal salts. Thermal analysis and X-ray diffraction studies revealed the coexistence of Fe(2)O(3) and Nd(2)O(3) phases up to 1050℃ and formation of solid solution phase among them at 1100℃ and above temperatures, which was evidenced by shifting of the XRD peaks. Unit cell parameters and the cell volumes of the samples were found to increase by adding Nd(3+) ions in the reaction process. FESEM studies showed the suppression of particle growth due to the presence of Nd(3+) ions. Spectroscopic measurement evidenced that neodymium substituted hematite exhibited brighter yellowish red color tone than that of pure α-Fe(2)O(3).