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Simultaneous Optimization of Production and TransportationPlanning by using Logic Cut Algorithm

Hamana, Ryohei
Konishi, Masami
Various kind of productions are made in semiconductor factories, where it employs the production system with multiprocess and multiple Automated Guided Vehicles(AGVs) for transportation. It is difficult to optimize planning of production and transportation simultaneously because of the complicated flow of semifinished products. This paper describes the formulations of production scheduling and transportation routing, and algorithm for simultaneous optimization of plannings by using logic cuts. The entire problem is decomposed to the master problem and the sub problem. If it derives the infeasible solutions, new constraints are added to the master problem to eliminate the solution area including infeasible solutions. The results of about optimality and computation time by using CPLEX solver are shown compared with conventional decomposition method to check up effectivity of proposed method in small size problem, and about optimality and computaion time for large scale problem.