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Experimental Verification of Common-Mode Excitation Model for PCB Having Partially Narrow Return Path

Watanabe, Tetsushi
Wada, Osami
Koga, Ryuji
Miyashita, Takuya
Suppression of common-mode current is important to achieve electromagnetic compatibility of high-speed and high-density electronic circuits. The authors have focused on the common mode current flowing on a printed circuit board (PCB) to explain the excitation mechanism. A narrow ground pattern in microstrip structure excites common-mode current. In the previous paper, the authors explained the mechanism of common mode generation by means of "current division factor" for simple PCBs. The estimated radiation from a simple PCB agreed well with measured one. In this paper, the authors extend the theory to be applied to generalize ground structure. The validity of the theory is confirmed by comparing the measured radiation and the estimated value using the common-mode model for a test PCB. The estimated radiation agrees well with the measured one within 3 dB up to 900 MHz.