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Cytotoxicity of the Bacillus thuringiensis Crystal Protein against Mammalian Cells

Yamagiwa, Masashi
Namba, Akitoshi
Akao, Tetsuyuki
Mizuki, Eiichi
Ohba, Michio
The crystal proteins produced by Bacillus thuringiensis subsp, israelensis (Bti) and subsp. coreanensis A1519 strain were examined for the cytotoxicity against MOLT-4 and HeLa cells by MTT assay and LDH assay, The A1519 crystal proteins processed by proteinase K exhibited the specific cell-killing activity toward MOLT-4 with little damage to the cell membrane, On the other hand, the Bti crystal proteins processed by proteinase K caused the substantial damage to the cell membrane of both MOLT-4 and HeLa, leading to the cell lysis. The non-digested crystal proteins of both strains exhibited no cytotoxicity, These data suggested that while the Bti crystal proteins caused the colloid-osmotic swelling and cell lysis of MOLT-4 and HeLa, the proteinase K-digested A1519 crystal proteins induced the specific cell death of MOLT-4 through a mechanism other than that of Bti.