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A Study on the Planning and Scheduling of Production System Considering Demand Changes

Ohtani, Ryuji
Konishi, Masami
Nishi, Tatsushi
In this paper, we studied a planning and scheduling of production system considering demand changes. In the proposed system, planning part determines lot-size and amount of jobs in production. On the other hand, scheduling part determines the production sequence of jobs. In order to treat with the demand changes, both planning and scheduling should work well simultaneously. In the proposed system, preset and real time production control system is newly constructed from the view point of adaptive control. In the system, production planning is modified when the difference between production amount and demand becomes large. Moreover, production schedule is regenerated when the determined schedule is deviated from the prospected one. The scheduling system is characterized as the autonomous decentralized optimization system where each job works as agent and agent searches its appropriate starting time of processing. The effectiveness of the proposed system is confirmed by numerical examples.