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Numerical Study on Deformation Behavior of Rigid-Plastic Inhomogeneous Material Using Three-Dimensional Models

Abe, Takeji
Nagao, Makoto
Ohta, Tomoyuki
Nagayama, Noriyuki
It is important to study the microscopic deformation behavior of inhomogeneous material, for most engineering materials are inhomogeneous. The aim of the present study is to clarify by numerical analysis some features of microscopic plastic strain distributions, the mean flow stress and the material factors affecting on it. The rigid-plastic solution is important not only for plastic deformation problems with large strain, but also for creep deformation problems through the plastic analogy in the creep analysis. The effects of material parameter and loading conditions on the deformation behavior of the material are examined and discussed based on the result of calculation. The effects of the aspect ratio of the inhomogeneous regions on the deformation mode are studied. The patterns of the strain concentration and the averaged flow stress of the inhomogeneous material are also discussed. The results of rigid-plastic material are compared with those of the elastic material.
Inhomogeneous Material
Strain Concentration Coefficient
Rigid-Plastic FEM