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A Study of Facility Layout Method in Recycling Plant using AGV

Fujihara Yutaka
Osaki, Hirokazu
Our country faces a serious problem of the environmental pollution by the production and the large quantity consumption of the industry product. The thoroughness of resources recycling has become necessary to solve these problems. As for the product design and the production control, how productivity should be improved has been discussed with extreme emphasis. But from now, as for the product design, both assemblability and disassemblability must be taken into consideration at the same time. And also in production management, it must be investigated how the products can be recycled in the low cost. Therfore, the facility layout method with two phases in recycling plant, which is composed of both the procedure for the layout of facility group and the procedure for the layout of intermal facility group by the optimal solution method and the suboptimal solution method by neural network is proposed in this paper.