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Rigid-Plastic Deformation of Inhomogeneous Material with Elliptic Inclusions Sliding along Boundary

Abe, Takeji
Namikoshi Ryuji
Nagayama Noriyuki
Takano Yasuju
The influence of the slip between the inclusion and the matrix during the plastic deformation of inhomogeneous material with elliptic inclusions is investigated. The material is assumed to be rigid-plastic. The boundary slip region is modeled by assuming lower yield stress for the thin boundary region than those of the inclusion and the matrix. The rigid-plastic finite element method is used for the numerical calculation under the plane strain condition. The effects of the aspect ratio of the inclusion, the yield stress of the boundary region, and the volume fraction of the inclusion on the deformation mode are studied. The patterns of the strain concentration and the averaged flow stress of the inhomogeneous material are also discussed. The results may be helpful for understanding creep or superplastic deformation of metals with inclusions.
Composite Material
Sliding Inclusions
Rigid-Plastic Deformation
Finite Element Method