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A Method of Shape Recognition Using Geometry Information

Yamada Mitsuru
Osaki, Hirokazu
At present, the two dimensional CAD systems which are used to make drawings go around widely. But in order to use design data at the lower stream of production process, the replacement from the two dimensional CAD systems to the three dimensional CAD systems have started. Accordingly it is dimensional drawings for the three dimensional shapes. And it is also necessary to store them in the three dimensional CAD systems. And in the studying of the machine vision which is often used as "Eyes of robot" , it is being studied the method to recognize the three dimensional objects from the two dimensional image. This is the problem about data exchange, too. Therefore in this report, we propose the method to exchange the plural two dimensional elements of figure from image relations between elements were found from reference of the element coordinates. Next, the three dimensional shapes were reasoned from reference of the knowledge (for corner, etc) prepared beforehand. Then that data were exchanged to the three dimensional CAD data. We report one example about this method.