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Bioactive Calcium Borosilicate Glasses for Enameling Titanium

Kobayashi Keizo
Ohtsuki, Chikara
The thermal expansion coefficient of some bioactive glasses in the system CaO-SiO(2)-B(2)O(3) were adjusted to be similar to that of titanium by controlling the composition. A glass of composition 45CaO・30SiO(2)・25B(2)O(3) was selected among those as the enameling glass. A slurry was prepared by mixing the glass powder and ethanal to be developed on titanium and heated at 740℃ for 30 min. Thus treated specimen was soaked in a simulated body fluid (Kokubo solutiion). FT-IR reflection and thin film X-ray diffraction analyses indicated apatite formation on the glass coating layer within 12 h of soaking in the fluid. Thus titanium could be provided with bioactivity due to the enameling.