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Bioactivity of Nb(V) and Ta(V)-Doped Calcium Silicate Glasses

Imayoshi Naoki
Ohtsuki, Chikara
Nb(2)O(5)-and Ta(2)O(5)-doped calcium si1icate glasses were soaked for various periods in a simulated body fluid(Kokubo solution) up to 30 days. Apatite formation ability of the surface of these glasses were investigated with thin-film X-ray diffraction and FT-IR reflection spectroscopy. The effects of these additive oxides on the bioactivity of CaO・SiO(2) based glass were discussed. A small amount of Nb(2)O(5) and Ta(2)O(5) suppressed the rate of silica hydrogel layer formation and the apatite formation on the surface of the glasses. The rate of the apatite nucleation on the surface of Nb(2)O(5)-doped calcium silicate glass was slower than that on the surface of Ta(2)O(5)-doped calcium silicate glass. It was concluded that the decrease in the apatite forming ability of calcium silicate glasses by these additive oxides is attributed to the suppression of formation of silica hydrogel layer which plays an important role in apatite nucleation.