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Potential Sweep Voltammetry of Na(2)O-SiO(2) Glass Melt by Stationary Platinum Electrodes

Hirai Taketsugu
Takahashi Katsuaki
Potential sweep voltammetries of Na(2)O·SiO(2) and Na(2)O·2SiO(2) at 730-1200°C were performed with the stationary platinum wire electrode and with the sweep rates of 40 and 120mV/sec. Although current-potential relation of Na(2)O . SiO(2) at 1200°C gave stationary S-shape pattern, those of the rest were transient modes with hysteresis. From the voltammetric considerations, a reversible oxygen electrode process where diffuion of free oxygen anion or silicate anion may be a rate-determining stage was tentatively proposed. Approximate estimations of decomposition voltage supported that a sole reaction process such as the decomposition of Na(2)O or indirect decomposition of SiO(2) in the melt was most probable.