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A Procedure for Settling Multi-Criteria Problem by a Small Group of Decision Makers

Ohkura Akira
Kameyama, Yoshimasa
Sayama, Hayatoshi
Fukumoto Shuichi
AHP can handle decision-making problems involving several criteria when some of these are difficult or impossible to compare other than numerically. When a small group of decision makers settle the multi-criteria problem by AHP, the members of group could not often reach an agreement with hierarchic structure involving objectives, criteria, sub-criteria and alternatives because they have different positions, interests, and opinions. Further, the members have different importances for criteria and sub-criteria, and have dissimilar preferences for alternatives. In this article, we reveal the troubleness of AHP in case of being used by a small group of decision makers. Moreover, we proposed a procedure of AHP which the members of group could easily agree with the structure of problem and the weights of criteria etc.