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Numerical Calculation of a Transient Methane Gas Jet Discharging into Quiescent Atmosphere at Mach One

Nsunge Felix Chintu
Hamamoto, Yoshisuke
A suddenly started cold methane gas jet issuing from a 1 mm diameter orifice into still air at Mach one has been predicted using the two-equation, high Reynolds number version of k-ε turbulence model and SIMPLE algorithm which employs so called primitive variables and a hybrid scheme for treating combined diffusion and convection. Global trends of predicted radial distributions of velocity, temperature, methane concentration in the steady rear part of the transient jet and axial jet tip penetration compare reasonably well with universal profiles representing measurement for the steady jet particularly in the fully developed turbulent core and semi-empirical relation for the transient jet respectively. The prediction scheme has shown reasonably good accuracy especially in prediction of main flow parameters of a transient, high speed compressible gas jet issuing into a dissimilar surrounding gas(binary gas mixture jet).