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Numerical Simulation of Multicrack Propagation Behaviour in Steel Structure

Taniguhi, Takeo
Suetsugu, Tsuyoshi
Iwasaki Masaki
This paper describes the numerical simulation method of the multi-crack propagation behaviour which appear in a part of civil engineering structures with complex geometrical configuration like steel bridges. Proposed method can treat the interaction of several cracks which locate in a short distance each other, and the process of their growth can be grasped. The method is based on the finite element method, and the linear fracture mechanics is assumed. Proposed method includes following tools for the simulation of the crack propagation behaviour: Automatic Mesh Generators for 3-D, 2-D structural analysis, and 2-D crack propagation analysis, Multi-level Structural Analysis Technique, Estimation Method of the crack growth and the angle of cracks and the modelling method of traffic loadings. The validity of the method is investigated by comparing the result to the experimental one.