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The Study on the Evaluation of the Visual Work Using the Logistic Curve

Matsuda, Masaaki
Osaki, Hirokazu
Display equipment has been used as communication media in the factory, office, and home. In order to communicate effectively, it is necessary to clarify the characteristics of eye movement in the case of looking at the display. The development of Eye Camera enables us to measure eye movement during work, so that we can collect the many data of eye movement during work. In this study, we proposed a method to evaluate the visual work using the distribution of visual points in X and Y axis. The cumulative distribution is approximated by the logistic curve which shows the symmetry and kurtosis by the parameter. The proposed method was applied to the three typical display models, that is, the digital meter model, reading model, and game model. In the digital meter model, the visual points were distributed symmetrically along the meters, and the symmetry and kurtosis of the distribution varied by the arranged direction of the meter. In the reading model, the visual points were distributed nearly symmetrically and uniformly in each axis and they were moved around the character and line from the period of spectrum analysis. In the game model, the visual points moved according to the target and were distributed symmetrically in the Y axis. And whether the target moved vertically or horizontally, the kurtosis of the distribution became equal in each axis.