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The Apparatus to Measure the Multi-point Critical Flicker Fusion Frequency (MCFF)

Osaki Hirokazu
Miyake Hirofumi
Kikuchi Susumu
Ogata Masana
In this paper, we mentioned the apparatus developed to measure CFFs at the various point of the retina. Eleven CFFs measured at the central retina of both eyes (used usually} simultaneously, at the central retina of each eye separately, and at four points of the peripheral retina of each eye were analyzed together and referred to as the multi-point critical flicker fusion frequency (MCFF) . MCFF can be used to estimate the level of cortex activity, since the temporal and nasal parts of each eye are connected to different visual cortexes through the optic nerve. As the apparatus used to measure the MCFF was controlled by a micro-computer, the order of measurements and the calculation were done automatically.