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Improved Method for the Flow Injection Analysis of Chemical Oxygen Demand Using Silver Nitrate

Korenaga Takashi
Ikatsu Hisayoshi
Moriwake Tosio
Takahashi Teruo
On the flow injection analysis (FIA) of chemical oxygen demand (COD), silver salt was added as an oxidation catalyst for COD substances and a masking agent for halide to improve operating conditions of the FIA apparatus. Both of a proper concentration of potassium permanganate solution and 6.0 % sulfuric acid solution containing 0.1 % silver nitrate are individually pumped up with respective flow rates of 0.51 ml min(-l) and merged into a carrier stream. A 20 μ1 of sample solution is injected into the flow of sulfuric acid solution at just before the merging place. The sample mixed with the carrier solutions in a reaction manifol(polytetrafluoroethylene tubing: 0.5 mm i.d. x 30 m), is passed through a thermostated bath at 100 °c and led to a flow cell for the absorbance measurements at 525 nm. The absorbances are continuously recorded with time. The peaks in the recordings showed good reproducibility and the calibration obtained at a linear concentration range of 0 - 170 mg 1(-1) COD with glucose as standard. The detection limit and precision confirmed with this method were 5 mg 1(-1) and 0.8 %, respectively. Chloride ion up to 200 mg 1(-1) did not interfere without elimination of a silver chloride precipitate. By the present FIA method, several industrial waste water samples were analyzed at a sampling rate of about 40 samples per hour, and their apparent COD values were compared with those found by the manual JIS method. Both of the methods gave the similar results within an error range from -35 to +5 %.