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Experimental Study on Determining Unsaturated Property of Soil

Kono Iichiro
This paper deals with the experimental study of hydraulic properties of unsaturated soil. In treating unsaturated zone, a great deal more data are required than are required for the saturated zone, but these properties of soils must be known to apply the finite element approach to actual groundwater flow problems. The purposes of this paper are to propose a rational basis of getting experimental relationships between prossure head() and hydraulic conductivity(K) and between pressure head() and volumetric moisture content(θ) with "the instantaneous profile method" in a laboratory. An apparatus was constructed and test procedures were developed to measure pressure head and volumetric moisture content by using pressure transducers and low-energy gamma ray attenuation. The technique of a low-energy gamma radiation apparatus does provide a means for accurate measurement of water content without disturbing the system into which water is moving. Furthermore rapid measurement of water content becomes possible at any position in a soil so that water content changes with time may easily be followed. The tensiometer~transducer system provides a most valuable means of measuring pressure head with rapid response and with provision of a complete record of the pressure head changes with time.