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環境水域における糞便性大腸菌群に関する研究 第III報 糞便性大腸菌群を用いた汚染指標とその評価

Tanimoto, Hirokazu
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There was no distinct differnce between the two regression lines of total E. coli-form and fecal E. coli-form investigated from 1978 to 1980 and in 1985. Target value of fecal E. coli-form decided in the investigation from 1978 to 1980 was applied to the investigation in 1985, which was recognized to be appropriate. Sampling stations where the ratio (%) of fecal E. coli-form against total E. coli-form is high are located in the suburbs of small and middle cities without river basin sewerage system. At present, even in a case having attained the quality standard value of total E. coli-form, the same disposition as that for the unattained should be done if the case has not attained the quality value of fecal E. coli-form.
Fecal E. coli-form
water pollution
Biological indicator