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Morino, Yasuo
Morimoto, Setsuo
Miyake, Masayoshi
Hayashi, Hidehiro
Ezoe, Hiroshi
Kimoto, Shin
Hashimoto, Keiji
Aono, Kaname
Hayashi, Kyoichi
Takaoka, Kazuko
Oshima, Yukiko
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Multiple polypoid filling defects of the duodenal bulb are infrequently encountered. Two cases of multiple filling defects of the duodenal bulb are reported in this paper. Case 1. A 42 year old female complained of abdominal fullness and epigastralgia. On examination, generalized peripheral lymphadenopathy and marked hepatosplenomegaly were noted. Cervical lymphnode biopsy revealed a diffuse, poorly-differanciated lymphocytic lymphoma. X-ray examination of the gastrointestinal tract showed multiple filling defects localized at the duodenal bulb. Endoscopy disclosed multiple well-defined protrusions with small mucosal ulceration over the the whole circumference of the duodenal wall. Case 2. A 36 year old female had no subjective symptoms. At gastric mass screening, numerous polypoid elevations of the duodenal bulb were pointed out. Detailed gastrointestinal x-ray examination showed numerous, tiny, round polypoid nodules localized at the duodenal bulb. These nodules were 2-3mm in size with no mucosal ulceration. The endoscopic biopsy specimen revealed lymphoid hyperplasia of the duodenal bulb.
Duodenal bulb
multiple polypoid nodules