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水島臨海工業地帯における大気汚染と気象条件について 第3報 自動測定機で測定された窒素酸化物汚染の特徴について

Inoue, Kentaro
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The author analysed the air pollution data of NO, NO(2) and NO(x) (NO+NO(2)) measured by auto recorder in Mizushima. The results obtained were as follows. 1) NO(x) exhausted from factories in Mizushima Industrial District are carried by sea breeze (wind S-WSW, 1-6m/sec.) and pollutes northern area of Mizushima as same as SO(x). The sea breeze bings the NO(x) exhausted from factories to Matsue, closed to factories, Fukuda, about 3km from factories, and also Kurashiki and Amagi, far from factories, as same as SO(x). 2) NO(x) exhausted from cars is not negligible at four monitoring stations analysed, especially at Kurashiki.