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予防接種の副反応に関する衛生学的研究 第二編 予防接種事故審査会の判定とその問題点

Tamaki, Takeshi
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A judgment committee was organized in Ministry of Health and Welfare when the relief system for the victim of adverse effects of vaccination was established. The committee has divided the applicants into three groups, that is, "the victim," "positive in denying the victim" and "questionable." The author discussed the result of judgment by the committee and pointed out some questions of the system. The results of the analysis are as follows. 1) The committee identified only 5.8% of the applicants to the victim. 2) About two thirds of the applicants were decided as questionable and the others were screened to be positive in denying the victim. 3) As to termination of adverse effects, cases that recovered completely were apt to be decided as the victim. However, only a few cases of the deceased or the sufferers from late effect might be decided as the victim. 4) Medical certificates especially provided by medical doctors at public hospitals, were highly estimated by the committee. The author concluded that the committee should establish the clear concept of the adverse effect and the criteria for the judgment of their treatment based on social deliberation.