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Suwa, Kiichi
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After perfusing rabbits with physiological saline solution, India ink or Berlin blue was injected into the aorta, and the direction and distribution of nutrient vessels in the aortic vessel wall were examined with blood vessel sections and transparent vessel specimens. The nutrient arteries and nutrient veins often run in parallel in the external layer of the tunica adventitia, but in its inner layer they have circular branches, and these branches enter into the tunica media at the angle of 20°-50°, then they become terminal arteries that adhere to the internal elastic membrane of the tunica interna, and then they are transformed into venules, which run slightly apart from the arteries and appear in the tunica adventita, but within the tunica media they form a beautiful capillary network. Those venules that appear in the tunica adventitia run in parallel with arterioles through the external layer of the tunica adventitia What is noteworthy is the fact that there can be observed solitary lymph nodules within the capillary vessel network both in the middle layer of the tunica media and in the external layer of the tunica adventia of the aortic wall.