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Kondo, Tadasuke
Tsuji, Takao
Kunitomo, Keiichi
Kokumai, Yoshiaki
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Incidence of hepatitis affecting hemodialysis patients was investigated by inquiry on one hundred and twenty-one cases who were on dialysis treatment in ten hemodialysis units in Okayama Prefedture. Items of inquiry were the history of hepatitis, blood transfusion and jaundice; and GOT, GPT, Australia antigen & antibody measured in these units before and after hemodialysis treatment. Recovery of inquiry was 96.6% and investigated group was consisted of seventy-five male and fourty-two female. Thirty-six cases had the history of hepatitis (30.8%). Abnormality of liver function test (TTT, ZTT, GOT, GPT) was increased about two times after hemodialysis treatment than before. Abnormality of GOT or GPT in one hundred and three cases measured by authors was 20.4% and 28.2%, respectively. Longer period of hemodialysis and more blood transfusion showed more high abnormality of GPT. These results indicate the transfusion was the important factor of occurence of hepatitis, again.