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Bleomycinによる肺障害に関する研究 第3編 線維芽細胞抑制剤クロロキンおよびプレドニゾロンによるBleomycin肺障害の抑制について

Takata, Hiromi
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We have used fibroblast-inhibiting agents, chloroquine and prednisolone, together with Bleomycin to prevent pulmonary disorders induced by Bleomycin in mice, and have obtained the following satisfactory results. In the group to which eitheer of the fibroblast-inhibiting agents was administered together with Bleomycin, as compared with the control group to which Bleomycin alone was adminstered, hypertrophy of the alveolar septum, emergence of foamy cells and cellular infiltration were slight with no atypical proliferation of the bronchiolar epithelium, and the pulmonary structures were well maintained. As for the mechanism of such inhibition by chloroquine or prednisolone, their anti-inflammatory effect around the pulmonary vascular endothelum or fibroblast-inhibiting action would be considered to be important. Further studies may be needed to clarify this point.