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Hiraba, Koichi
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The chronic rheumatic dysfunctions were studied mainly on the knee joint and also the methods of their rehabilitation were researched. 1) The functional disturbances caused by joint rheumatism, which were seemed be sever at first impression, were cured by adequate circumstances and improvement of the instruments and the patients are able to enjoy almost usual life. 2) The dysfunction of the knee joint caused by rather more pain and drop down of muscle power than the descending mobility. 3) For estimating of the muscle power not only coil scale but also the measuring of pressure in joint cavity was used. The value gained by the former and the latter showed an paraller proportion. 4) According the increasing of the muscle power the local symptomes as pain, hydrops etc. were recovered. 5) The research of prognosis of the patients after surgical synovectomy was done. Five years four monthes later there was no remarkable differences between the operated patients and the others, who have had the same symptomes and were not operated. 6) On the chronic rheumatoid knee joint it must be used conservative therapy for less pain and more stability. For this purpose, too much steroid hormone must be not administrated and surgical therapy must be carefully performed.