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分光光度法による入血液カタラーゼ活性の定量および低カタラーゼ血液症のスクリーニング法について 第3編 本法の検討と活性測定に関する基礎的実験

Nakagawa, Yoshito
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The present communication deals with the principle of measuring and calculating the catalase activity of human blood by UV method. Under the conditions previously described, it has been clarified that the reaction of catalase-hydrogen peroxide practically follows the first order kinetics within 30-120 seconds. The velocity constant, k, seems to have no concern with the substrate concentration within the range of 0.005-0.025 mole. Catalase values, Kcat, measured under room temperature, are about 10% lower than those taken at 37℃. It has been found that measurements of the catalase activity have to be taken within 5 minutes after hemolysis