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好中球の顆粒形成と機能に関する形態学的研究 第二編 好中球顆粒の機能に関する形態学的研究

Katano, Takashi
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For the purpose to clarlify the function of neutrophile granules the mature neutrophiles in the circulating blood and bone marrow of rabbit were fed with carbon particles and the relation of phagocytosized carbon particles and neutrophile granules were observed on the sections with or without acid phosphatase reaction. The pictures demonstrate that the phagocytosized carbon particles fuse with neutrophile grnules and by this fusion the acid phosphatase is strikingly activated in the phagocyjotic vesicles. The similar process was also observed in both phagocytotic vesicles and the granules of the bone marrow. The picture suggest that neutropnile granules possess many hydrolytic enzymes inside the granules and release them into the phagocytotic vesicles to lyse the phgocytosized foreign bodies.
学位番号 甲第191号