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実験的マウス白血病に関する研究 第三編 C(58)マウス白血病細胞の他系マウスへの移植による研究

Fujiwara, Hisayoshi
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Isologous transplantation experiments of two transplautable lines of C58 mouse leukemia, OHS-LL (lymphocytic) and OHS-ML (myelogenous) were reported in the Part Ι and Ⅱ. The present communication deals with the results of homologous transplantation of these two strains of leukemia in C58 mice. Mice used were strains C3H, Zb, AKR, ddN, C57B1, Db, Strong A, Cb, Rf, D103, and R'Ⅱ. When transplanted intraperitoneally, OHS-ML grew in 67% of C3H, 90% of Zb, and 30% of ddN, while OHS-LL grew in 30% of Zb, and 17% of AKR. All the other mice rejected the homotransplants. When injncted intravenously, OHS-ML grew in only a AKR mouse with negative takes in all the other cases. No positive takes resulted following subcutaneous, intracerebral, and intratesticular transplantation. Temporary tumor formation was seen at the site of subcutaneous implantation of OHS-LL, which was not the case of OHS-ML. The pathological changes in mice showing positive takes of OHS-ML was similar to those of isologous transplantation, but mice bearing homografts of OHS-LL were atypical in that the latency was prologned with marked emaciation or without hepatosplenomegaly or lymphadenopathy. Some mice showed accumulation of ascites. OHS-ML could be serially passaged through Zb and C3H mice, and OHS-LL through Zb mice for 2 to 3 generations.