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肝臓組織培養に関する研究 第1編 廻転培養法による家兎肝臓の至適培養液の組成に就いて

Asano, Kenwo
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The author has conducted tissue culture of rabbit liver by roller tube method. The pH changes in culture media were estimated. The rise of hydrogen ion concentration in the course of culture was parallel to the rate of cell increase. The most appropriate medium has been a fluid medium consisting of 70% Hank's solution, 20% rabbit serum and 10% chick embryo extract. Without chick embryo extract the cells found to grow do not easily grow out, but in its high concentration fibroblasts grow very well. Amoung the various sera rabbit serum is the most accelarative to the growth of liver cells. Human serum is second and horse serum worse in promoting activity. The ascites with stomach cancer almost dose not show promoting activity to liver cells. In addition of small amount of rabbit serum to the medium liver cells exhibit an excellent growth, but the more the serum becomes concentrated, the more fibroblasts grow.