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各種制癌剤による手術創の癌再発予防に関する実験的研究 第Ⅱ編 各種制癌剤のBrown-Pearce癌の腹壁筋内移植に及ぼす影響とその末梢血液像の変化について(実験的研究)

Sato, Yasuo
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Immediately after inoculation of Brown-Pearce Carcinoma into the abdominal wall of rabbit, various anticancer agents (Nitromin, Carzinophilin, Azan, Tespamin and Mitomycin) were administered locally and their inhibitory effect for growth of tumor in loco with change in peripheral blood picture were observed. Results obtained were as follows: 1. Nitromin; no preventive effect on the inoculated carcinoma, Carzinophilin; most effective in agents tested, and inhibited the tumor growth in five out of ten animals, Azan; inhibited the tumor growth in only one out of ten, Tespamin; no effect like in Nitromin, Mitomycin; inhibited tumor growth in two out of ten. 2. In case of no tumor formation in the abdominal wall, leucemoid reaction, increases in monocytes and neutrophiles were not observed. In case of tumor formation, on the contrary, the reaction and the increases were remarkable.