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不随意運動症に対する定位脳手術に関する電気生理学的研究 第3編 ParkinsonismのTremorに関する生理学的研究

Adachi, Iwao
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1) Electrical stimulation being applied on peripheral nerves of four extremities, tremor inducing test was carried out on parkinsonian patients. 2) Tremor can not be abolished by peripheral γ-block and can be induced in that state. 3) Tremor can be abolished by total peripheral nerve block and can not be induced in that state. 4) In general anaesthesia, tremor can neither be observed nor induced as in case of sleep. 5) Tremor does not have anything to do directly with γ-system. Tremor and rigidity are independent each other so far as their functional mechanisms are concerned. 6) The mechanism of tremor is based on spinal anterior horn cells activated by upper center. 7) Intermediate small discharge between grouping voltages of a muscle in tremor is simply a conducted field potential from the antagonist.