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各種脳組織破壊方法に関する実験的研究 第3編 猫脳淡蒼球破壊周辺部におけるコハク酸酸化酵素の組織化学的研究

Handa, Sachihiko
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1) In this study, cats were utilized to make a histochemical study of dehydroxyrase at globus pallidus lesion produced by the methods of oil-wax-, etopalin-injections and electrical coagulation. 2) In case of oil-wax-produced lesion, the immediately contact tissue is negative or slightly positive in the reaction of dehydroxyrase and, in contrast, the outer layer is normal in the value, showing a normal aerobic glycolysis. 3) The Etopalin method manifested a weak reaction or hypofunction of aerobic glycolysis in the comparatively extensive area around the absolutely necrotized contact border tissue. 4) A normal reaction is obtained at the tissue near the contact border tissue with a coagulating electrode, maintaining the sufficient aerobic glycolysis.