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Aspergillosisの血清学的研究 第Ⅱ編 精製抗原による血清反応

Seo, Masakatsu
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It is known that aggulutination reaction is highly informative in examination of mycosis above all candidiasis if the antigen used in the examination is prepared properly and that the antigenic subsatance is contained in polysaccharide obtained from fungous cell. The author already reported the specific hemoaggulutination reaction using the erythrocytes sensitized by Aspergillus with serum of patient or infected rabbit in the Part Ⅰ of this thesis. In this report the hemoaggulutination reaction and skin reaction on rabbit were studied by means of polysaccharide, protein and lipoid, all fractions were obtained from the pellicle of the organism, as antigen. And the author observed that the polysaccharide fraction showed the antigenicity to both reactions mentioned above and that the specificity of the hemoaggulutination reaction to Aspergillus group was also seen by using this polysaccharide antigen.