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恙虫病病毒の変異に関する研究 第2編 恙虫病病毒変異株ワクチンの感染防禦賦与能に関する研究

Fujimura, Mamoru
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The author reported already in the Part I that the pathogenicity of the tsutsugamushi disease rickettsia was varied by the continual action of small amount of chloramphenicol in the body of mouse. Further to study the protective effect of ascitic fluid vaccine prepared by the varied tsutsugamushi disease rickettsia, the author inoculated the original microorganism, , OSEKI'S and MITANI'S strains, and the varied organisms, varied OSEKI's and varied MITANI's strains, respectively into abdominal cavity of the guinea pigs that were previously given chlorpromazine and prepared the ascitic fluid vaccine from these animals. The vaccines thus prepared were injected into mice and then the protective capacity against the infection was studies on these animals. From the results of the study, it could be confirmed that the protective capacity of the vaccine obtained from the original strains were very satisfactory, while the capacity of the vaccine from the varied strains were weak and could not be capable to prevent the infection, hence, being concluded that the variation on the organism affected the properties of the organism and let loose the antigenic capacity.