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皮下組織内胆汁色素生成過程に関する組織顕微分光学的観察 第2編 血色素分解中間産物負荷時の胆汁色素生成過程について

Nishikawa, Shonosuke
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The formation of bilirubin with the absorption maximum at 478-480 mμ from verdohemoglobin could be scarecely decided, because the mixture of decompostion from the oxyhemoglobin produced by the subcutaneous injection of verdohemoglobin to white rat. 2. The appearance of bilirubin was observed at the relatively early period on the administration of biliverdin to white rat and the apperance of relatively numerous hematodin crystal was observed. 3. On the subcutaneous administration of hematoidin to white rat, it elapsed the product displaying the absorption maximum at 630 mμ and resolved to bilirubin without the formation of methemalbumin.