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肝,胆道疾患における蛋白分解酵素に関する研究 第1編 肝,胆道疾患と線維素溶解酵素

Ueda, Yuroku
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The clinical significance of fibrinolytic phenomenon and serum capillary permeability promoting action (CPP action) etc. was observed on diseases of the liver and bile ducts. And the results were as follows. 1. As for the fibrinolysis in liver diseases, the activity was remarkable in order of liver cancer, hemolytic jaundice, liver cirrhosis, chronic hepatitis and hepatosplenic syndrome, and the activity of fibrinolytic enzyme was relatively remarkable as it showed 66% in acute hepatitis, 87% in chronic hepatitis and 83% in liver cirrhosis. 2. The relative correlation between the action of serum CPP and the activity of fibrinolysis was observed and the rise of serum CPP action was seen in order of chronic hepatitis, liver cancer, acute hepatitis, hemolytic jaundice and liver cirrhosis. 3. The correlation between the number of petechia by the resistance test of capillary and fibrinolysis was not observed. 4. The correlation between the activity of fibrinolysis and serum bilirubin or the bromsulphalein test was not clearly observed, but the correlation between the activity of fibrinolysis and the histological changes of liver, necrosis and degeneration of liver cells or multiplication of stromal connective tissue etc., was considerably observed.