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精嚢腺の吸收生理に対する副腎ホルモンの影響 第2編 精嚢腺における糖負荷試験に対する副腎ホルモンの影響

Sasaki, Hachiro
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The auther has already reported the influences of adrenal hormones on the absorption ability of the seminal vesicles. In this report, the same examination was carried out as stated in part 1 adopting the glucose tolerance test to see the influences of these hormones on the glucose tolerance. 1. On the glucose tolerance test with intravenous injection, mostly the same blood levels could be found by adrenalin, cortisone and ACTH administration, but there were slight differences between each hormones in detail. 2. On the glucose tolerance test with seminal vesicles injection through vas deferens, much differences could be recognized obviously and distinctive tolerance curve might show the the existence of the specific absorption ability in the seminal vesicles. 3. By the administration of adrenalin, the blood level increased clearly and slightly increased by cortisone, and on the contrary decreased by ACTH. Especially, these results tend to be obviously appeared by the seminal vesicles injection.