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Sera, Masaho
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The author observed the development of infected hydronephrosis on rabbits infusing colibacillus or staphylococcus flavus into their vein or calix after the ligation of their ureter (left side). The author also obsesved the effects of antibiotics on hydronephrosis using the injection of Penicillin, Achromycin, Chloromycetin and Streptomycin into these rabbits, and the results were as followed. 1. Hydronephrosis occurred in highly percentage about 10-12 days after the infusion in vein and about 21 days after the infusion in calix in the cases of the ligation of ureter. Infusing staphylococcus in vein and colibacillus in calix, the development of hydronephrosis was accelerated. 2. The antibiotics prevented the enlargement of kidney considerably, and the preliminary application of antibiotics before the infusion was most effective.