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Hamada, Naruo
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The author, in view of the interesting influence of Photosensitizing dye, Platonin (thiazolocyanine) upon blood disk made an experiment also on O(2) uptake of the blood in vitro and in vivo, and obtained results as follows: 1) There were about 9.0 ul O(2) uptake during one hour of 1.0 ml defibrinated blood of normal rabbit. 2) The addition of Platonin to the normal rabbit's blood in vitro serves to decrease O(2) uptake and has proved that preservable time is prolonged in ice box. 3) Putting CO gas into normal rabbit's blood in vitro has proved to increase O(2) uptake and to reduce the preservable time in ice box. 4) Putting CO gas into the rabbit's blood in vitro which previously administrated Platonin has scarcely influenced Platonin upon O(2) uptake of blood. 5) On the contrary, the addition of Platonin to the blood in vitro which put CO gas into blood beforehand, has also shown no effect from Platonin upon O(2) uptake. 6) The injection of CO gas to normal rabbit has shown quickening in O(2) uptake of blood, and the longer the time of gas injection is, the greater the degree of quickening of O(2) uptake is. 7) The administration of Platonin to the normal rabbit has proved to decrease O(2) uptake, especially in the administration of pro kg 10γ and 25γ than 5γ and 50γ. 8) After the administration of Platonin to normal rabbits, the injection of CO gas has proved the marked decrease of O(2) uptake of the blood. 9) After the injecting CO gas to normal rabbits, the administration of Platonin has scarcely shown effect of O(2) uptake of the blood.