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同時脾剔除を伴える無胃性貧血に関する実験的研究 第2編 胃広汎切除及び同時脾剔出後における貧血白鼠の,肝臓内V-B(12),葉酸,Non-hemin鉄,及び血清鉄について

Iwasa, Yuzo
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Since discoveries of V-B(12) and folic acid, it was found that they were effective for the macrocytic and pernicious anemia. They were also effective and improved the blood picture of permicious anemia caused by agastric anemia. Iron preparates have been known to be effective for the anemia for a long period. The author has determined V-B(12), folic acid and Non-Hemin iron in the Liver, in which they were stored in greater amount, and also determined the serum iron on that occasion. 1) V-B(12) and Folic Acid, There were no significant differences, only showing slight decrease in amount. 2) Non-Hemin Iron and Serum Iron: There was a considerable decrease. The anemia, that is, has been proved to be iron deficiency anemia.