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Sakai, Kunitsune
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The cow sera with phosphatid obtained from the cerebral gray matter, of cows were given in the ear vein of adult rabbits for 2cc per kg as antigen. As effective injection, 1cc per kg of diluted antigen, namely 4 and 6 times diluted solution of antigen was given every 4 days for 3-10 months in their ear vein. Thus the chronic local cerebral anaphylactic rabbits were made. And the motor area, frontal lobe, nucleus lenticularis, substantia nigra, Ammon's horn and pia mater were histologically researched. After repeated effective injections for a long time, the disappearance, disturbance of arrangement, atrophy, edematous degeneration, glial involvement and neuronophagia etc. of nerve cells, striking gliosis, disappearance and swelling of the sheath, hypertrophy of the wall of vessels, increase of wall cells, dilatation of lymphatic cavity surrounding the vessel adventitium, hypertrophy of pia mater and proliferation of connective tissue cells etc, were found. It would appear that, by repeating effective injections with diluted antigen for a longtime, the chronic local cerebral anaphylactic rabbits were made, and the histological findings of their brains were similar to those which were found in the brain of old idiopathic epilepsy.