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皮膚内総ビタミンCの研究 第1編 正常家兎の血液内および皮膚内総ビタミンC量並にそれに対する採皮採血の影響について

Fujii, Masato
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1) I have conducted a V. C. determination in blood and skin of a rabbit, due to revised method adopted by Fujita & Ebihara. 2) The total V. C. content in the blood of a rabbit fed with vitamine-C-less food proved 6.51mg% at maximum, 1.39mg% at minimum, in average, 3.08mg%; 93% of total instances indicated between 2 and 5mg% 3) The Total V. C. content in the skin of a rabbit fed with vitamine-C-less food proved 12.79mg% at maximum, 1.52mg% at minimum, while, In average, proved to be 5.35mg% The 86.6% of total cases proved between 4 and 7mg% 4) The curve of changes due to lapse of time attributed to Total V. C. within blood and skin of a rabbit fed with vitamine-C-less food, when it has been pealed skin and picked blood, proved a glass-picture in a parallel state, as it indicated a slight increase for the estimated within blood, while, a slight decrease when estimated within skin; the ratio both of increase and decrease shown by this increase-decrease curve, is very small; and proved almost no influence on the V. C. amount due to pealing skin and picking blood. 5) The effect of such-like operations on Total V. C. metabolism within blood and skin, though slight in degree, continues for a considerable duration of time; besides, effects due to temperature, though slight too, is thought to occur to a certain extent.