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前立腺肥大症と腎機能に関する実験的研究 第2編 犬の前立腺浸出液による腎臓機能障碍について

Ohto, Shigemichi
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1. After having prepared some extracts, made respectively from a dog's normal prostate, moderately hypertrophied prostate in mixed form, as well as from highly glandular hypertrophied prostate, both of dog, injected them subcutaneously in a dog, in doses of 5-2cc per day, for about 14-16 weeks successively, and examined such as general view, changes occurred to Rest-N, Cl, Ur as well as Ur within blood; moreover, employing some fluid test, and in view to urinal symptoms, has endeavoured to find out those changes that have occurred in kidney functions. 2. Among the cases in which extracts out of dog's normal prostate gland were administered, no important perpetual changes could be recognized. 3. In the case where extracts from the moderate hypertrophied prostate in mixed form were administered, (2nd case), fluid test proved to be utter failure, submitted no results, but probably this may be due to some individual quality of test animals, in the urin of which one could always detect certain spermo. However, during ten-weeks course allotted to this case, loss of body weight, (about minus 7.8%), together with a regular gradual increase on the part of Rest-N, Cl, Ur and Ur in blood, could be detected, whose final values all have exceeded normal area. 4. Among cases in which highly glandular hypertrophied gland were administered, first such symptoms as thirst, then came loss of spirit, followed by anxiety as well as depression, which ended in the appearance of edems in the back limb at the middle of, 11th week; growing higher and higher. 5. The increase of Rest-N, Cl, Ur and Ur within blood has also been clearly seen; above all, the last-mentioned one showed a special increase. 6. Moreover, in fluid test, a clear obstruction of concentration ability could be seen. 7. As for urin, here also appeared changes that have accompanied to general view and fluid test. 8. The dog which supplied the moderately hypertrophied prostate in mixed form employed in 2nd case (7 years), has been verified diagnosed owing to histological search of its kidney, that has given rise to a distinct Nephrose. 9. From the above results obtained by experiments, it is thought most proper for us to consider that the kidney trouble discovered in hypertrophy of prostate is apt to be accompanied with certain poisonous changes of kidney parenchyma, which may be ascribed to the poisoned substance due to hypertrophy of prostate.