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1. Vitamin Cト細胞分裂誘起線 2. 腦下垂體前葉及ビ脾臟浸出液ノ酵母菌増殖ニ及ボス影響3. 2, 6 Dichlorphenolindophenolノ筋肉ニ對スル作用

Kawamura, Keniti
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The results of the author's experiments are roughly as follows: 1. When tested according to the yeast method, it is doubtful whether vitamin C generates "Mitogenetische Strahlen" when it is oxidized. But when there is a large amount of oxidizable substance, the radiation is sure to occur. 2. What influences have the extracts of the anterior lobe of the pituitary gland, and of the spleen on the increase of yeasts? When this was tested the former was seen to accelerate their multiplication while the latter on the yeast checks it.